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Our Team:

The Total Fitness Training Crew is committed to helping you succeed in your fitness goals whether it be during our customized personal training sessions, or one of our studio classes. Our team has a wide variety of backgrounds and are here to make your training experience a pleasant one.

Our Trainers:

Michael Fontana

Personal Training

My mission is to make your body and mind work as one; you have the power to take control of your fitness; my goal is to guide you to that destination.  I help individuals and groups of all aspirations and ability levels.  I am the way to a new you – take control of your metaphysical state and start training today. It is not just about training, but pursuing your goals and transitioning to a lifestyle of health and wellness.  My mission is to take the body on a journey that is mapped out by the client, and we can help you on that path – the path to a lifestyle of health and wellness.  Additionally, I have the skills not just to help with the transition to health and wellness through nutrition and life-coaching, but also to take athletes who want to train and compete at a higher level – such as professional strength and conditioning, speed and agility training, bodybuilding and physique training, and athletic conditioning techniques to help all types and levels of athletes and individuals. I will put your body and mind through challenges and trials, but we will be there with you all the way during the transformation and journey. The results and tremendous growth you see in the end will let you know all the hard work was worth it. Sign up now, and start training!


M.S. Health & Exercise Science
NASM-CPT, NSCA-CSCS, CF Level 1 Instructor, CFSC
NASE-Speed Coach, Advanced Exercise Nutritionist




Kimmie Lanford

My name is Kimmie Lanford and I have been a certified personal trainer and aerobics instructor since 2001. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, both with an emphasis in Fitness and Health Promotion. I am a former instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine and my number one passion in life is to help others improve and live a healthier lifestyle. So whether you are an athlete striving to achieve greater sports performance, you have a fat loss goal or muscle gain goal or you just want to improve your daily function,  I can help you achieve it. I have three young children and I personally know what it is like to juggle family, work and at the same time striving and obtaining a fitness goal. I practice what I preach and I am a strong believer in core and functional training. I am extremely enthusiastic and if you need the motivation and the knowledge I can 100% help you reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle. So let’s get started!


M.S. Exercise Science
B.S. Kinesiology



Brooke Zabawa

Hi, my name is Brooke! I have a personal trainers certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I am currently working towards my LVN. I love to work with either groups or one on one with people. Helping people is my passion. If you come to any of my classes or train with me, I can guarantee you will have a good time and get a great workout in! When working with me not only will you gain some knowledge, but you will also gain confidence while learning body positivity and loving the skin you’re in!

I will always be here to help you if you have any questions about your goals or anything else, don’t be afraid to ask!

Let’s get you closer to your goals and living a healthier lifestyle!




Joe Rego

Joe RegoHi, my name is Joseph Rego, and I am honored to be one of the Group Class Instructors and trainers at the beautiful Total Fitness training facility in 29 Palms, CA.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer for one on one personal training, or small group training. However, I am equally, if not more passionate about group class exercise.There is something extraordinary that happens when you mix people, music, determination, and fun. I love teaching and encourage others to teach as well. I am a Certified Turbo Kick Boxing Instructor and Zumba Instructor. I teach Step Aerobics, Cardio Dance Sculpt & Tone, Boot Camp, I have taught Yoga and Boxing (training only) not combative. I am a group class junkie. My mantra is commitment, plus determination, plus hard work equals success. You bring that to my table, I will bring the motivation, and together we will reach your goals. I sincerely want all our guests at Total Fitness to find their training niche and make that niche a lifetime dedication.

No matter what age you are, no matter where you are starting from or where you want to go in fitness, believe in yourself and you will get there. Just believe. Please try one of my classes, and more importantly, try the classes of the other instructors. The talent assembled at this gym is nothing short of amazing. Always stay humble, fit, and willing to learn new things.

Big hugs, Joe

Hayden Jolly

My name is Hayden and my priority is to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. I have been serving on active duty in the Marine Corps for roughly 5 years. My love for fitness began when I joined the service and I have been aspiring to help others in fitness ever since. I am continuously furthering my education in health and fitness through the International Sports Sciences Association. My current certifications include Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and Strength and Conditioning Coach. Whatever your goals are, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, or simply improving your overall health, I am here for you. I will teach you the ways of mind-muscle connection which will lead you to achieve higher levels of fitness and ultimately a healthier lifestyle. If you are more comfortable training with others in a group or would like to train with me one on one, both are available to you. Stay motivated and let’s begin your fitness journey!


Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, ISSA
Specialist in Strength and Conditioning, ISSA

Collin Peredo

Hi, my name is CollinRaye Peredo and I’m here to help motivate, inspire and guide you to achieve your health, fitness, and lifestyle goals. My job is to give you the right tools and training necessary for you to reach your goals. My passion is helping others be the best version of themselves through proper exercise, healthy eating habits, perseverance, commitment and hard work. I’m an active duty Marine and a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition with the International Sports Science Association. I’m currently working on my Master Trainer Certification with the ISSA. If you decide to work with me, you can look forward to an increase in your confidence from accomplishing the workouts that will be designed for you, an increase in your strength, agility, power, endurance and overall physical performance. I will lead by example and support you every step of the way. I focus on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. I’m more than ready to help you take the first step towards a better you, so let’s get after it!


Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, ISSA

Madeline Stanek

I am originally from Australia and have been living in the states for about 6 years. If you know anything about Australians you’ll know we love our sports! which is mainly how I initially got involved in this Lifestyle. I have been consistently involved in fitness now for 12 years. Competitive swimming throughout high school and university as well as soccer really set a great foundation for my personal fitness and discipline. I became a certified fitness trainer this year through the International Sports Sciences Association, and am currently working on my certification in fitness nutrition.

What I love most about fitness is that it is one of the very few things in life that you can control. You definitely get what you put into this lifestyle but that is the beauty of it. You are in control of your journey and subsequently your quality of life and wellbeing.

Additionally, I have skills In bodybuilding and extensive knowledge in building core strength and Aerobics.
Fitness can be challenging at times but it is so rewarding, I’ve never known anyone to regret a workout, you usually only regret the one you didn’t do. I will help you build your confidence and accept your body and abilities at every stage in your journey with life coaching and motivation. I can confidently say that if you have the right mindset you can conquer each and every goal you set out for yourself.

Whether you’re a novice in the gym or you’re an athlete looking for some fresh ideas to spice up your workout, I am confident that I will be able to work with you to achieve the results you want.
I have an almost two-year-old and one on the way, so trust me when I say, I definitely know what its like to feel the pressure of juggling work, family and the gym. You are not alone on this journey and if you let me, I can show you how to reach your potential and be the best version of yourself possible!
If you see me in the gym, please come and say hi, and let’s get started!

Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA